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Top 50 blogs – 5 home and garden blogs

Here are the top 5 British home and garden blogs for 2010.

HouseWiz – Everything about buying, selling and running your home and garden.  Whether you need information about cold water tanks, different types of leases, etc, you can use their free question and answer service to find the info you need.

Trashed House – This is the sad tale of how things can go terribly wrong when you rent out your home (or other property) to the tenant from hell.  Read this and take care – we hope you never have to go through a similar situation.  There’s lots of advice here too for anyone renting out their property – leases, insurance, and all kinds of stuff.

Garden Rant –  OK, OK, it’s not British, but at least they’re friendly and talk about British gardening.  Some of the stuff on this blog is seriously funny.

Down on the Allotment –  Ether Rantzen would have a field day with some of the photos on here.  But it seems like an honest and informative blog about trying to grow your own.  Well worth a look.

Landlord Zone – This blog has quite a lot of scary stuff that you might prefer not to know.  But if you have the guts to face things head on, and are interested in property, then you should definitely read this one.

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